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What to look for in a bonsai

On the surface it might not seem like there is much difference in bonsai trees, but with closer inspection there are many small variables and traits that you should consider when picking out a bonsai. From healthy characteristics to purely aesthetic ones, all of these factors can affect the look and composition of your future […]

How to prune your bonsai

Pruning a bonsai is required for the bonsai to grow well as well as shaping the bonsai. Pruning allows the plant to absorb light and air which helps to create a more healthy bonsai. There are two main routes you can take when pruning your bonsai, pruning for aesthetics and pruning for growth. Pruning for […]

How to water your bonsai

How to water your bonsai Water is an essential part to any plants growth, bonsai trees included. Water, along with sunlight and nutrients is what allows your bonsai tree to grow and stay healthy. However, this does not mean that you should water your bonsai as much as possible as that would drown it and […]